Dlt Tape Drives

Written by Amy Hall
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DLT tape drives stand for Digital Linear Tape drives. DLT tape drives are a robust and durable medium. The DLT segments the tape into parallel horizontal tracks and records data by streaming the tape across a single stationary head. Released in 1991, DLT tape drives are very reliable, high-speed, and high-capacity, making these drives an excellent choice for network backups.

There are many different DLT tapes available today. The tape drive you choose really depends upon the size of your company and the amount of data storage space you require. It is also important to keep in mind the budget you have available for such a backup system, as prices can widely vary.

Matching DLT Tapes to Business Size

When choosing a DLT tape drive, it is very important to consider what your exact business needs are. Tape backup drives can start around three or four hundred dollars, and run up into the thousands. Obviously, the more expensive systems provide higher performance, and greater capacity.

However, if you are not a big business with huge storage needs, it would be silly to spend thousands of dollars on a system when you won't use all of its features. A tape drive system starting at four hundred dollars may provide your company with all the capacity and performance you require. As your business grows, you can upgrade DLT tape drives to meet your new storage demands.

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