Drive Backup Basics

Written by Amy Hall
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Backing up data on your server is very important. When a server crashes it is vital that you can restore the data and get the server back on line immediately. A server can crash at any time for any reason, and can mean a significant loss of productivity, and thus resources, for your company.

There are several ways of handling backups. Any method of backing up crucial data can be a valid backup. However, you want to be sure the data is safe and secure and easily restored.

Why Backup?

Drive backup basics will tell you that you must backup your data to ensure its safety. Backups are often done from a computer that does nothing but drive backups. This computer can usually back many servers up onto one tape from a centralized location.

Once you have a backup, it is sometimes valuable to store the backup in a safe location. Drive backups should be secure because any valuable data on your server is also located on your backup. If your backup should fall into the wrong hands, they could steal confidential data from your server.

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