Exabyte Tape Drive

Written by Amy Hall
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Exabyte Corporation supplies tape storage solutions that offer high-value, high-performance, and automation advantages for midrange servers, workstations, and computer networks. Through its worldwide network of distributor and reseller partners, Exabyte markets value-leading tape drives, high-performance 8mm, M2 and MammothTape drives, and storage media and libraries for MammothTape. Exabyte Corporation is a cutting-edge company that leads the way in computer technology.

Like HP tape drives, exabyte tape drives are varied in capabilities and expense. Consistently reliable, compatible, and economical, Exabyte tape drives integrate easily into virtually any system. The world's leading computer manufacturers and resellers acknowledge Exabyte as a premier provider of tape storage products.

Exabyte Options

Exabyte's Mammoth 8mm tape drives are the most reliable drive in its class (250,000-hour MTBF) and supports TapeAlert, the industry-standard preventive maintenance and diagnostic tool. Other outstanding features include a built-in head cleaner, gentle tape handling, and backward compatibility with existing Exabyte 8mm tape drives. Exabyte Mammoth meets market demand for greater reliability, improved performance, and increased capacity.

Exabyte has shipped more 8mm tape drives than any other company. Today, the installed base of Exabyte tape drives and libraries exceeds 1.6 million units. Exabyte offers a wide variety of tape drives, the 8mm being perhaps the most appreciated and popular.

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