Scsi Tape Drive

Written by Amy Hall
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SCSI tape drives are just another advancement in data recovery and storage for businesses. Like the HP tape drive and the Exabyte tape drive, they offer varying degrees of data security. Systems can be quite basic for the small to mid-size business, or they can be very sophisticated for larger corporations who require more protection.

SCSI tape drives come in two basic models: fast/narrow and fast/wide. The term "fast" refers to the "fast SCSI" option of SCSI-2. Almost all SCSI tape drives now come with Fast SCSI interfaces as opposed to older, slower SCSI-1.

SCSI Tape Drive Facts

The terms "narrow" and "wide" refer to the bus width--the number of data lines--and affects the amount of data that can be transferred. "Fast/Narrow" has an 8-bit bus width, supporting synchronous communication up to 10MB/second. "Fast/Wide" increases the bus width to 16-bit, thus increasing the transfer mode to 40MB/second.

All of these terms can be very confusing. The bottom line is that any company that supplies your business with SCSI tape drives should be able to explain in great detail how these systems can benefit your business. There are several options to choose from and certainly one to fit your specific data storage and recovery needs.

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