Tape Backup Drives

Written by Amy Hall
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Due to the Internet and the enormous globalization of manufacturing and service-oriented industries, businesses are collecting data at an alarming rate. As companies' data warehouses grow, the threat of data loss due to system failure or human error brings with it a large fiscal price. Many businesses simply are not willing to take this risk anymore.

Tape backup drives have long been a cost-effective and reliable method for protecting your business from data loss. The use of tape backup drives, effective cartridge rotation schemes, and a comprehensive business continuity plan (disaster recovery plan), is essential to the survival of your business. These methods of protection will provide invaluable security to your organization, thus saving you time and money in the long-run.

Tape Backup Formats

When choosing a tape backup solution, be aware that there are several tape formats. Tape formats, like software, are developed along migration paths agreed upon by the standards organizations governing each particular format. As formats follow these migration paths, they improve upon the capacity, performance, and the reliability of the previous version.

More important, the newer versions remain, at a minimum, read-only compatible with the previous version. You should consider that the format you choose should contain software that will function in your current business environment. Also, keep in mind the capacity you need as well as the budget you have allowed for purchasing a tape backup drives system.

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