Tape Drives

Written by Amy Hall
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Tape drives allow companies to backup large amounts of data. They are essential to the security of any large business that relies on large amounts of data. Tape drives are capable of backing up a couple hundred megabytes to several gigabytes of information, which allows businesses to avoid the large expenditure on disks.

DLT tape drives and HP tape drives are just a couple of examples of tape drives available. The type of tape drive you install would depend on the size of your data storage needs, as well as the system you already have in use. Many companies that supply tape drives have experienced technicians that can recommend a certain tape drive to fit your backup and storage needs.

Advantages of Tape Drives

Generally, tape drives are easy to use and can be run without supervision. They are cost efficient business tools that provide data security for companies, large and small. There is really no greater peace of mind than the knowledge that all important data is safe, regardless of system failures or viruses.

Tape drives can be slow, as they do need to read all preceding data before they can store it and provide backup protection. However, many businesses overlook this one glitch because they realize the protection tape drives can provide. There are numerous choices in tape drives today, and businesses can match up their particular needs with available technology.

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