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Written by Amy Hall
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Tape drives allow large companies, as well as end users, to backup large amounts of data. Tape drives are capable of backing up a couple hundred megabytes to several gigabytes of information, without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on disks. Tape drives are an invaluable tool for companies who require data storage and backup.

In general, many people find it difficult to back up information. As a result, they do not have a way of saving data should something go wrong with their system. Another fact that many people are not aware of is that tape drives software is generally easy to use and usually can be run without supervision.

Computer technology changes daily, which means it is imperative for your business to keep up with these changes in order to remain successful. Having a general understanding of computer systems can help enormously in obtaining your long term goals.

Why Use Tape Drives for Backup?

If for any reason your computer is shut down due to power loss or a virus, all data will be lost unless there is a backup system in place. This is when a backup tape drive becomes a priceless asset to your computer system.

Are There Disadvantages to Tape Drives?

While most experts recommend the use of tape drives for business computer systems, it is also essential for companies to be aware of the disadvantages associated with their use. Tape drives are cost efficient and relatively easy to operate. However, there is one major disadvantage to their use.

I wish to inform consumers of the pros and cons of using tape drives. The one major disadvantage is that the speed with which they backup and recover information can be slow. Tape drives are sequential access devices, which means to read any data on the tape drive, the tape drive must read all preceding data.

However, I still recommend and encourage the use of tape drives as a means to secure important data. Big businesses can not afford the time and expense incurred when data is lost due to a system failure. Tape drives can be slow, but are well worth the peace of mind they bring to the business table.

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