Chat Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Chat support is an up and coming method of increasing sales, improving support and lowering labor costs. An online sales support staff can tend to internet consumers more quickly than telephone support. However, online staff can not offer real-time help to consumers in immediate need. This could deter shoppers from finalizing an order.

Connecting Customers

With a chat support system in place, customers are given the answers they need in a moment's notice. With instant access to live help personnel, customers can make a decision on the spot. Today's technology can connect two people from either side of the globe in seconds or less.

From an overhead perspective, employing live-help personnel is more cost-effective than office-based workers managing customers over the phone. With no cost for communicating and real-time support, questions are answered quickly and efficiently allowing staff to address multiple customer concerns at once. This is a significant improvement from the days of listening to elevator music while waiting for a service representative to pick up the phone.

Lower Expenses through Chat Support

Many organizations have further decreased expenses by outsourcing their chat support staff to remote workers. Through high-speed connections, instant messaging has become commonplace in offices and in personal communications. Leveraging this communication medium is the obvious next step in improving customer service.

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