Information Services

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Information services are being outsourced each and every day. With the hopes of decreasing overhead costs, many companies have found other benefits in delegating IT support to third parties. One 2003 survey claims that 86 percent of organizations who outsourced some portion of their business realized improved strategic planning and better control over business endeavors.

New Implementation: Risk or Reward?

Implementing new strategies is often associated with interrupted workflow and temporary losses in business. The 86% of respondents disagreed wholeheartedly with these assumptions claiming swift change times and instant results. With benefits like these it's no wonder many business leaders are looking toward outsourcing vendors as a permanent solution.

Only 14% of survey respondents considered outsourced solutions a temporary fix. These organizations looked to third parties as a way of evaluating certain processes to make them more efficient and productive. Once these enhanced information services were in place, the 14% sample intended on bringing the tasks back in-house.

About Information Services

While information technology remains one of the leading departments to outsource, other industries such as accounting, human resources and customer service are growing more popular. With world-wide expertise on information technology, you can easily find an affordable vendor from as far away as India or Canada. To start browsing through available options, click on the link above.

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