Network Specialists

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Network specialists face a number of different problems on any given day and are charged with meeting many demands. A problem could be as simple as installing a network card on a laptop or as complex as overhauling a network with thousands of users. A specialist must be able to juggle numerous requests at once while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Large Skill Set

Not only does a network specialist have to understand how a network operates and how computers interact with the network, but they must also possess knowledge about various software programs and hardware components. It would be nice if they could work in a vacuum where nothing else affects their work but that is not the case. A good specialist may also hold a business degree in order to understand the goals of the company and how they fit into that picture.

The Need for Network Specialists

As more and more workers became dependent on computers to provide information and fulfill their job responsibility, the need to share information also grew. Networking with coworkers used to mean trading stories at the water cooler or passing on a possible sales lead. Today, communication and knowledge sharing is much different.

Now companies must share information from all areas of its business in order to be successful. Passing a handwritten note or leaving a message may get the point across but it could lead to duplicate research or work. Providing employees with a local network where they can exchange ideas, proposals or other information will increase performance and make the company more profitable. If having network specialists on the payroll is not an option, finding a consulting or outsourcing firm to handle network needs may be required.

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