Online Chatroom

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online chatroom technology is helping thousands of organizations reach their customers. Remember when talking to customer service representatives used to require dialing an 800 number, fumbling through a confusing menu of options and waiting nearly a half hour before you reached a human voice? While these conditions still exist in some companies, most are wising up to the advances technology has given us.

Improving Customer Service through Online Chatroom Technology

In the realm of customer service, an online chatroom can give your prospects and current customers real-time information. By alerting employees of needy customers in real-time you can affect their purchasing decisions. For example, if you were shopping through an online clothing catalog but had a question about a size, would you be more apt to make the purchase anyway and risk the possibility of exchanging the merchandise? Or, would you utilize a live help system and get your answer before submitting payment information?

Encourage Purchasing

Spur of the moment purchases would be more likely occur if the consumer's questions were answered immediately. Similarly, this immediate attention would affect the way customers perceive your company. This in turn will increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Perhaps you don't have the staff to man such an effort. Or maybe you can't build this technology given your minuscule programming department. In these cases, you can outsource this project for a minimal investment and still reap all the benefits.

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