Online Staff Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online staff support can turn potential sales into hard revenue numbers. Whether employing an in-house team to manage website communication or hiring remote sales staff who offer real-time support via chat technology, any internet presence requires an element of customer service and support. Creating a website will draw prospective customers, but without the tools and employees to nurture that new relationship, an internet initiative could be in vain.

Retaining Customers through Online Staff Support

In the case of retail merchants, an online staff support team can answer questions about products, delivery time, or return policies. Without the answers to these questions consumers are less apt to finalize a purchase. An online support staff could mean the difference between creating customer loyalty and missing out on business altogether.

With the advent of the Internet, consumers began to enjoy the lack of human interaction involved in acquiring information or merchandise from the Web. Without ever having to speak to a human voice, surfers can purchase a book, read about competing organizations or sell products to new customers thousands of miles away. The same lack of personal attention that once prohibited consumers from shopping online today drives them to the Web instead of the shopping malls.

Online, Real-Time Support

An online staff support team may be comprised of three individuals working at corporate headquarters. These folks manage the influx of email that comes through, responding to consumer questions and concerns on a daily basis. Or, an online support system may include remote workers, connected from all around the globe. These individuals can tend to prospects and returning customers via chat rooms, enabling an instant connection of communication.

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