Online Webmasters

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online webmasters are becoming a hot commodity. With internet connectivity ever-increasing, sites can be built, edited and uploaded from anywhere in the world. Why then are you still paying an in-house webmaster an exorbitant salary for occasional design and text manipulations?

Understanding the Work of Online Webmasters

Without a degree in graphic design or HTML, most of us are blinded by the skill needed to perform these tasks. We assume that the work involved in maintaining a website is beyond our realm and succumb to comfort. Paying someone a yearly salary with benefits means instant availability.

Chat rooms and instant messenger programs have proven that real-time help isn't limited by location. Online webmasters can fix a bug, update site content or add necessary design elements in only minutes. Delegating work doesn't even require a phone call anymore these days.

Working Under Budget, For Once

Fortunately many companies are jumping on board and taking advantage of these cost-effective alternatives. U.S. based companies are outsourcing information technology work to places as far off as Canada or India and experiencing phenomenal results with a limited budget. If you'd like to see what international outsourcing can do for you, click on the link above.

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