Phone Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Phone support is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your business. Whether you sell merchandise or technology services, your organization requires some element of support via telephone. Giving your customers the ability to reach your company directly will dramatically influence their purchasing behavior.

Exemplary Service through Phone Support

Unfortunately, the cost of help-desk support positions have drastically increased since 1998. One online study claimed in-house phone support jumped from twelve dollars in 1998 to $22 dollars per call in 2002. What is attributing to these costs?

Prices Are Increasing

Since technology is advancing at a lightning pace, many hardware and software expenses have decreased considerably over the last ten years. However, the cost of manpower necessary to drive these projects has risen nearly $10,000 in only five years. In response to these inflated rates, many organizations are taken their business abroad.

Computer support, database management, website design and other information services are being outsourced overseas. American IT positions have produced nearly 8 billion dollars in business for the country of India. Lower salaries, industry expertise and several other factors contribute to this migration.

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