Search Engine Optimization

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Improve Your Rank on the Web

Search engine optimization is an art. Simply posting your website on the internet will not attract the millions of consumers that are out there surfing. How can you improve your ranking on the web?

There are several ways in which you can more effectively target your prospects. The first option you have is through paid engine listings. Several companies offer a bidding program where you can virtually bid against other companies for sponsorship listings on most major search engines. Each time your competitor's price goes up, you have the option of increasing your bid as well.

Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Years ago, listing keywords in the code of your website used to be enough to attract search engines. These days, with more than a million businesses stationed on the web, the competition has grown more fierce. The right combination of keywords may help your site's ranking, but it definitely wont give you an advantage over the competition.

Finally, search engine optimization can be acquired through carefully crafted content. Using commonly used search terms within the content of your site, can help attract prospects. This method relies on the popularity of the search terms among surfers, and the density of your optimized content.

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