Spyware Check

Written by Tara Peris
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A Spyware check should be a routine part of computer use these days. Although there are legitimate reasons to track user activity, much of today's Internet monitoring is a violation of privacy with which few people want to deal. Today's software allows a check to be conducted easily and it can also block unwanted monitoring effectively.

Some tracking software is desirable. For example, parents may want to monitor how and when their children use the Internet, and businesses may seek to keep an eye on employees who use computers for non-company purposes. For these reasons, Spyware technology can be a real asset.

Always Run a Spyware Check
However, the vast majority of us encounter it in the form of Adware, a software package designed to help companies identify potential customer targets. These guys monitor Internet activity without your awareness, transmitting statistical information about activity patterns back to a remote server. You will not know it is on your computer unless you do a routine Spyware check.

Fortunately, it is easy enough to track down a Spyware remover once you have determined that your activity is being monitored (and it probably is). You can look into online computer help for this task or attempt to do it yourself. Either way, you should at least arm yourself with the awareness of if and when your computer activity is being tracked.

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