Tech Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Tech support is essential for any organizations who utilize technology as part of their regular business practices. Regardless of whether you are self-employed and maintain an online database of customers and prospects or you manage a multi-million dollar corporation employing hundreds of people, keeping your software applications and technology running smoothly is essential to seamless operation. In this age of technological advances, having staff on-hand to manage information technology requires additional support.

The Disadvantages of Full-Time Staff

Employing a full-time technical support team can be expensive. Database administrators, server technicians and desktop help are all day-to-day essentials in any office. Finding the right people to take on this tremendous burden can be difficult.

Employing part-time help may not always work in your favor. If your system fails or your internet connection goes down, immediate fixes must occur. Waiting for temporary help to arrive on scene could potentially result in lost business.

Other Ways of Obtaining Tech Support Help

There are several different ways of reinforcing your business practices without succumbing to the financial burden of hiring a tech support staff. Outsourcing projects to a third party; contracting with organizations for monthly maintenance; and having 24 hour a day support is the only way to ensure smooth operations.

In 2003, more than 15% of 2.8 million jobs lost in the United States were reissued to overseas organizations. Many of these positions were in the tech support industry. Why are so many companies looking elsewhere for the technical support they need?

Remote Works Are More Affordable

Inflated salaries is one reason many organizations have sought other avenues for technical support. With the American dollar so high, U.S. companies have the ability to find the same top-notch help and full-service support through international organizations. Advanced connectivity enables these companies to fix problems immediately even when tech support staff work remotely from as far away as Canada.

Tech support can span even farther than desktop assistance and operating system expertise. Companies today are even outsourcing graphic design and telemarketing help. The overhead it costs to employ these people can be better spent with remote workers on an international pay rate.

Consider What the Competition Is Doing

Before you shrug off the idea of outsourcing these integral positions, know that thousands of companies are utilizing international services seamlessly in their organization. This cost-effective solution enables them to better spend those dollars on bringing in new customer leads, investing in the most advanced technology and getting ahead of their competition. Where would you rather see your dollars spent?

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