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Written by Jessica Duquette
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Tech support forum allows users to seek resolutions to problems ranging from network service to internet hosting. The forum provides a real-time environment where posters can ask questions, provide answers or simply exchange information on the latest hot topic. Forums are an excellent way to increase knowledge and discuss topics that may be overlooked while at work.

Customized Support

There are hundreds of different online forums where IT professionals can seek answers or provide solutions to other users. While having this free resource is nice, the answers that may be given might not work on your particular network and could cause more problems. Having someone that is familiar with your network, applications and user tendencies will greatly increase the chances that you receive the right answers.

Suppose that you are continually getting errors while trying to load one of your company's web pages. This could be caused by a number of different things and you may get a lot of suggestions to fix the problem that could take hours or days to test. Using a tech support forum that is dedicated to your company can save time and headaches because it will allow the IT support contact to access your system's history.

Tech Support Forum Archive

A consultant that can review your network's design and past problems should be able to diagnose the problem in much less time that someone unfamiliar with the setup. They may simply ask for a server reset or they could provide a more detailed explanation that requires additional html code. While errors that occurred in the past may not yield a solution for the present, work that has been done can provide a good blueprint of steps to take to correct the concerns.

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