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According to urban legend, an internet savvy individual long ago stated that, "No one reads on the Web." This unfounded piece of conventional wisdom made its way into the collective consciousness and became accepted as fact. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Numerous studies have proven that well-written copy remains the single greatest factor in translating interest into action on the Web. Profitable web companies discovered long ago that "content is king," and that the success of their website is a direct result of the success of their content.

To attract, inform, and retain users on a regular basis, it is critical that your website contains quality content--not propaganda. Today's savvy web users can smell hyperbole from a mile away. Relevant, updated content is the key to making your site a valuable resource that visitors return to on a regular basis.

Website content should be unique, high quality and unduplicated. When users visit your website, they're seeking a distinctive viewpoint. Whether your website promotes or informs about electronics, healthy lifestyles, or the stock market, the information should be presented in a unique way that separates you from the rest of the pack.

Content Equals Traffic.
To drive continual traffic to your site, web content must do two things: appeal to your audience and appeal to search engines. Users are drawn by true value and relevance, while search engine rankings are increased by providing unique, keyword-rich content. That's why it's a good idea to have a professional copywriter or content provider develop it for you. Understanding how to strategically integrate keyword density while maintaining readability is a valuable skill and well worth the investment. Good content can increase profit margins by drawing new and loyal customers, cut costs in the customer service department by providing all the essential information in the content, and create long term brand awareness.

Keep in mind that if you're planning on building your web presence over time, it's important that the size you choose matches your resources. A common mistake is creating a site that's too large, becoming unwieldy to maintain. Web users tend to be unforgiving of outdated information, and may doubt the accuracy and legitimacy of your website if they discover obsolete content.

If content is only needed for a limited number of pages, it can generally be done internally. However, long term content development over numerous site pages is time-consuming and will take planning and strong management; usually enough to require a full-time person or content management resource. Outsourcing to companies that specialize in providing optimized web content can often provide good ROI, particularly if you choose those that provide lower rates for mass production.

The bottom line, however, is that if you're going to all of the trouble of building a content-rich website, you should do it well. Make sure to consider your audience and envision your content from their perspective: what can you do for me? Users have short attention spans and generally scan pages looking for something specific to their immediate needs. Get to the point right away. Whatever you do, don't waste their time.

The right words will drive users to action, while the wrong words will drive them to distraction. Always remember that the main goal of content is to reveal value and articulate it in a way that truly matters to the person reading it.

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