Activex Control Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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ActiveX controls are small interactive programs that can be used by several applications at once. By eliminating the need to create the same functionality over and over for separate applications, use of the controls can save programmers a significant amount of development time. Plus, when it comes to updating or troubleshooting the controls, all the edits are made to one centralized file.

Because ActiveX controls are easy to maintain, they are ideal for use on websites and Internet based application. In fact, Internet Explorer can automatically start using any downloaded ActiveX control. What's more, Internet Explorer can't even perform some functions unless an ActiveX control is installed.

The versatility of ActiveX controls also makes them perfect for creating menu bars and popup menus. ActiveX controls can also be used to design interactive pictures, images, and combo boxes. These controls can be created in a variety of programming languages including C++ and Visual Basic.

The Downside of ActiveX controls

Although ActiveX controls are very versatile tools, some Web browsers such as Netscape and Firefox do not support them. Furthermore, a lot of the spyware that is downloaded to computers are formatted as ActiveX controls. In an effort to protect your operating system there are several measures that you can take to boost the security level of your browser, such as installing certain Service Packs.

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