Attract New Customers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Every business, whether online or "bricks and mortar," must continue to attract new customers if it's to remain afloat. Unless you occupy a highly specialized niche and cannot be easily supplanted by competitors, there's a very real danger that your goods or services may be irrelevant tomorrow. This is doubly true in a highly competitive and lightning-fast global economy that abhors vacuums.

Even if your services are so superior that no one would think of leaving you, consider these realities: people's economic pictures change all the time; people move to new cities; people die. Unless you actively set out to attract new customers, the rising costs of doing business can strangle you. One option is to raise your prices, which tends to be wildly unpopular. The other option is to increase your volume.

How To Attract New Customers Online

The sad fact is, many lifelong business people with entrenched local mom-and-pop shops can no longer compete with online hardware suppliers, travel agents, and apparel retailers. Worse still, unless they're especially observant and technically able, these proprietors aren't entirely sure how to go about competing with their online rivals. Most still pay a quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly fee to be listed in the Yellow Pages, then hope that that's enough to keep the register full.

To attract new customers from wider and wider circles, you need a campaign that reaches those outer rings, which means not only your town limits, but, insofar as possible, state or even national boundaries. And doing so is usually beyond the purview of a lone business person at work in his or her local shop. That's where online marketing companies enter the picture and help you hawk your wares to the people all the way out in the cheap seats.

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