Build A Church Website

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are many good reasons to build a church website. A good website will keep you in touch with your congregation. If newcomers want information about your church or the times of your services, they can look it up 24 hours a day. Also, you can use the website to promote your church activities.

When you build a church website, your congregation will know that you are up to date, in touch with technology, and still relevant in the community. They won't think you are behind the times. You will also attract a new generation of churchgoers, because most young people today grew up with the Web.

How to Build a Church Website

A simple way to build a church website is to get volunteers from your church to do it. Have a few computer savvy people volunteer their time and knowledge to get your site up and running. Of course, you will need ongoing maintenance, so be sure your volunteers want a long-term commitment.

There are also click and build websites that include hosting. You simply use their site tools to build your own site. You don't need to know HTML or how to use sophisticated software. They make it easy for you because they want your business. Since churches don't usually have a lot of money to spend on web design, this is a cost-effective way to build a site and have it hosted.

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