Build A Personal Website

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are many reasons why someone would want to build a personal website. It's a great way to share news and photos with friends and relatives who live far away. You can post recipes, your favorite websites, or write about your favorite bands. Many people use personal websites as family sites where they share pictures of their vacations, children, and pets.

You can also build a personal website to use as an online journal, known as a blog (short for web log). Then write your opinions, thoughts and feelings down periodically, and share them with the world. If you believe in a cause or are fighting for political action, you can use your website to express your views.

More Reasons to Build a Personal Website

When you build a personal website, you essentially have a blank canvas to paint. Use it for whatever you want! You can make specific sites for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, or special memories. Or, you can have one big site where you include everything. If you are really ambitious, you can start an online business with your new web skills.

The web is great for communication, too. Why not set up an online forum of your own? Choose one of your favorite hobbies and build a forum to discuss it. Perhaps you run a club or group that has events. You can use your personal website to publicize those events, too. With a little creativity, you'll be building interesting and informative sites in no time!

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