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Written by Linda Alexander
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Building a cheap website can be done! In order to make your own original and professional website, you don't need tons of money or extensive knowledge about computers. If you have the ambition and the time, you can make a great website quickly and affordably.

There are many online companies who offer free internet access, free web space, and even tools to help you create your cheap website. There is shareware, free graphics, cheap web hosting services, and add-ons like bulletin board systems that you can use for free or purchase inexpensively. Even if you don't know HTML, forget hiring a programmer. Today's web editing software does all the coding for you.

The first step to creating a cheap website is to plan it out. Come up with an original idea for your site, making it unique and interesting to potential visitors. If you are starting a business, be sure you clearly differentiate yourself from other similar businesses. Think about why someone would pick your site to visit over someone else's.

Planning Your Cheap Website: Content and Structure

It's also helpful, during the planning stages, to look at other sites. Learn from their failures and successes to make your site the best one possible. Remember though, perfection is not the goal; websites can be easily changed and updated, so if you don't like something, you can change it later. Like decorating a home, you'll change things around many times before you get it to the way you like it.

To create a cheap website, you don't need expensive web authoring software, either. In the old days, even serious web developers used text commands in Notepad. If you have software, however, it can save a lot of time, especially if you don't know HTML. A basic understanding of HTML coding can be learned in a few hours, unlike sophisticated programming languages.

Graphics can jazz up your pages, and guess what? You can find cheap graphics too. There are plenty of sites that have free graphics, and there are also shareware programs that will help you create your own graphics and optimize them for your cheap website. Use graphics to enhance your text, as too many will clutter up your pages. Remember the elements of good design.

Hosting and Uploading your Cheap Website

Cheap website hosting space is easy to find. Just do a web search for "free hosting" or "cheap web hosting" and you'll find thousands of sites to choose from. Make sure to go with a reputable company, though, so they don't disappear overnight and leave your site unhosted. Get a professional sounding web address (called a domain name); these, too, are very cheap to register these days.

Getting your site online is easy with inexpensive FTP programs. Your web host may even have its own program for uploading pages, which you can use for free. Finally, look around for some sites that will check your links and make sure your HTML code is correct. You've just built a website on the cheap!

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