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Written by Sierra Rein
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Any business owner can fret a bit when faced with the challenge of building a business website, but they shouldn't worry once they realize that other designers are often hired to create free website templates for other people to use! No matter what experience you have with HTML, Javascript, graphic design, or other computer software, you too can build a free website! These templates can be utilized to shape one's business site without the input of a professional website designer, and can be built using web-based uploading systems.

For example, if you wish to create a simple small business website for your wedding planner company, you'd perform the following steps. First of all, you'd find a template online which fits your company's feel (say, a white and pale blue color scheme, perhaps featuring lace and pearl borders). Next, you'd compile the important textual information that you would want your future customers to read, and upload this and the pictures you took of your past clients, and upload them onto the Internet using a free website design builder, and your site is up!

Why do Companies Create Free Website Templates for You?

The word "free" sometimes denotes a generous gift without expectations of something in return. Unfortunately, the reality is that usually when someone offers you to create free website pages for free, they often fail to mention the real recompense. It is better to prepare in advance, and research in detail what you will really be receiving in exchange for free services.

However, this exchange can come out in your favor. Some website hosting companies can provide exceptionally professional web design packages in exchange for using their server space, and can help you design your website for free! If you would like to see this kind of freedom in action, please visit our featured web hosting and design source, linked to the right.

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