Create Toolbars

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Toolbars are a set of graphical elements that have functionality associated with them. It is a fairly common practice for a developer to use toolbars to make an application more user-friendly or a website easier to navigate. In addition, the developer quite often provides the user with the ability to design and create custom toolbars that reflect their personal preferences.

As the Internet has become more extensive and sophisticated the need for toolbars has grown. Of course now users are expecting the same sophistication from their toolbars. Basically, this means that not only are toolbars expected to be up-datable to reflect those items that a user frequently uses, but now they are expected to be dynamic as well.

Dynamic Toolbars

With a dynamic toolbar, you generally have the option of adding unlimited buttons and functionality to it. Some of them even include the ability to display an organization's logo or brand on it. However what sets them apart from other toolbars is the capability of inserting animation or other types of interactive files on them.

Most dynamic toolbars also have a feature that prevents annoying popup ads from displaying. Perhaps one of the best things about dynamic toolbars is they can be configured in a manner that makes them always visible to your users. This practically guarantees that your users will always be able to find their way back to your site.

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