Create Your Own Web Page

Written by Linda Alexander
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It is possible to create your own web page without spending a dime. If all you need is a personal site for yourself or to share with family and friends, there are many online services that will allow you to make a site for free. You won't have to pay for hosting, domain name registration, or design.

Create Your Own Web Page: Pros and Cons

If you choose to create your own web page this way, be aware that there are some disadvantages. For example, in exchange for free hosting, the company may require you to have other people's banner ads on your site, and you will have no control over whose ads they place there. Also, URLs can be long and confusing when you don't select them yourself.

It is not a good idea for businesses to use free services for e-commerce websites. As easy as they are to use, these tools don't always look professional. Also, if you use their templates to design your site, you might not be able to move it to another host later on. Sometimes there are hidden fees for credit card transactions. The best way to avoid this is to ask upfront.

But if you want a simple, easy to use site, you can create your own web page using the free tools and be up and running very quickly. It's also a great way to practice if you are new to web design. Start making your own pages and sharing information with family and friends. Before you know it, you will be an expert at creating web sites.

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