Custom Ecommerce Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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You've got a product. You've got a plan. You've got drive. You've decided it's time to set up an online business, and you're ready to go shopping for an e-commerce software solution. With all the options that exist, how do you identify the one that's right for you? Well, the first step is to identify the shopping cart software that matches your needs best. Shopping carts don't just provide a place for customers to place selected pieces of merchandise. They also do much, much more.

For an e-commerce venture, the shopping cart is the store. Shopping cart software provides the front door, the aisles, the search function, and guides soon-to-be-satisfied customers to check out. Shopping cart software acts as your "helpful staff" in myriad ways.

Shopping Cart Software: The Perfect Staff

The right shopping cart software is the equivalent of the ideal customer service representative. They both tell the customer on which aisle their products may be found. They direct them to the products in question. They provide clear information about the product. They place the item in the cart, and then remove it politely if the customer changes her mind. They show them where check out is located, and say thank you.

After the sale, this courteous creature continues to provide customer service. They send polite notes thanking them for their business. They enclose a coupon towards a future purchase. And they send thoughtful notes letting the customer know when other items similar to what they originally purchased have arrived in stock.

A well designed shopping cart software, even in its most simple form, should cover many of these basics. Custom designed software will do all these, and more. If a business is just starting out, and doesn't have the funds to foot a fully customized site, then perhaps opting for a shopping cart software that is fully featured in its infant state, but has the ability to be customized step-by-step when finances allow, is the best first step.

osCommerce: A Community of Support

One of the most popular customizable shopping cart software packages available is osCommerce. osCommerce is an open-source e-commerce software which is fueling thousands of e-commerce sites all over the world. osCommerce is praised by its users for being easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy to customize.

For those just starting out, the basic osCommerce package includes just about everything one needs to start an online store. It's secure, smart, and simple to use. Templates are widely available to personalize the look of the store. Over 1500 modules are available for downloading to customize the site to individual requirements.

One is never alone when operating an osCommerce store. There are 53,000 members of the osCommerce forum, a thriving community of software hobbyists, developers, users, and tinkerers. The software evolves at lightning fast speeds, thanks to all these influences. Refinements happen at a breakneck pace compared to other e-commerce software options. When creating an online venture, technology is the foundation upon which the store is built. Having software which can evolve lightning fast means that your business will never be held back by technical limitations. Now all you've got to do is keep up.

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