Custom Website Designers

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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If one were to walk into a regular store, referred to in e-commerce lingo as a "brick and mortar" establishment, there would be a sense of what that place was about by simply standing in it. You'd get a feel for the store simply by the surrounding atmosphere. The music, the colors, the entire environment would all instantly communicate to you the identity which the store--and its products--strives to reflect. This ephemeral image quality is referred to as "brand."

In an e-commerce store, on the other hand, "brand" is much more challenging to convey. It all comes down to the look of the Website itself, the ease of the browsing, navigation and shopping features, the clarity of the product images and descriptions, and the overall quality of the content. All these aspects must be of the highest quality for an online establishment to have a fighting chance.

Building an Online Store, Click by Click

Custom website designers help individuals create a unique "brand image" by using their considerable expertise in a variety of areas. They are technology specialists--armed with cutting edge skills--and provide super-simple-solutions for customer navigation within the site: up and down "aisles," comparison between products, and, most importantly, final checkout. Graphic designers help communicate the "look" of your store without creating over-busy, visual "clutter." Professional content writers help provide useful, relevant information instead of banal marketing fluff. The combination of your products, combined with their expertise, results in an attractive, unique, marketable, and easy to use site, worthy of repeat business online establishment.

When shopping for a website designer, look at as many portfolios as possible. It's also advised to surf around the Internet, taking notes on those features on pre-existing websites you find appealing, and those which you don't. Many websites actually display the name of their website designer, allowing you to review their work in a pressure-free environment. Obviously, enlisting the aid of a custom website designer will cost more than simply purchasing pre-packaged design software. However, most e-commerce experts claim the expense is more than justified in terms of future sales potential, and the ability to compete within the electronic marketplace.

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