Customize Toolbars

Written by Kimberly Clark
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No doubt most developers of websites and internet-based applications spend a great deal of time and effort on making their products user friendly. Basically, this means they put a lot of energy on building an application that is intuitive to use. With that in mind, a lot of focus goes into developing menus and toolbars that will assist the user in navigating the site or in performing certain functions.

The toolbar in particular is used to execute operations within the application. The developer typically strives to place the most frequently performed functions on the toolbar. Of course, no matter how user centric the developer is, there are times when the user will want to modify the toolbars so it better suits their individual needs.

Ways To Customize a Toolbar

There are all sorts of ways to customize a toolbar. For instance, a user can decide exactly where in the application they want the toolbar to be displayed. More importantly though, many applications allow users to decide which options they want to appear on the toolbar.

Nearly all Windows based applications, Internet Explore included, have a built-in utility that allows users to design their own customized toolbars. However, there are some applications and Internet browser that don't make it quite so easy to create customized toolbars. For these applications, a third-party software product is required to customize the toolbars.

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