Customized Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The majority of Windows and web-based applications are equipped with shortcut and popup menus that were designed to make executing certain functions quicker and easier for the user to perform. Programmers generally place these operations on shortcut menus because they believe their users will perform them often. However, what the original developer of the application considers to be a frequent operation might differ significantly from what actually occurs under real life working conditions.

With that in mind, several users and after market developers have begun to develop their own customized versions of the standard shortcut and popup menus. In most instances, the user simply wants to add some additional options to the existing menus. Of course there are those cases, where the user finds it necessary to totally replace the popup menu with one that contains their customized options.

There are several products available to assist users and developers of Windows and web-based applications in creating customized menus. These products provide users with the ability to build menus that allow them to access their most frequently used commands. In addition, the products can also be used to create menus to locate files and launch applications.

Changing the Visible Appearance

In addition to modifying the options that appear on the customized menus, several products also allow the users to change the visible appearance of the menu. This includes changing things like the color and size of the menu. It could also involve editing the size and font of the text that appears on the customized menus.

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