Domain Name Management

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Domain name management is critical in keeping your company online and visible to the world--namely your clients. But for most business owners, the specifics of domain name management are either too complex or irrelevant to warrant much attention. For that reason, owners and website operators typically hire someone else to oversee the process for them.

There are several reasons domain name management may be important to you. If your portfolio of business assets contains a number of domain names (say,, or, you'll need someone to manage those properties actively. What could need management? Well, for one thing, domain ownerships expire. If you fail to renew your properties, someone else can simply sign up and grab them from you.

Other Aspects of Domain Name Management

You may also find that one or two of your domain names are more popular than the others. For some reason--usually length, simplicity, or clever mnemonics--a given domain name is more memorable than another, so users are more likely to enter it in their URL fields. If you own other domains that are less searched for, you may choose to "point" those domains to the most prominent one, thereby directing traffic to your content, which is the ultimate goal.

Unless you understand elements of domain name management such as URL forwarding and masking (otherwise known as "cloaking") you'll be hard pressed to make these changes yourself. And lest you think these issues are only marginally important to you, consider that domain name management is one of the keys to online visibility. Any successful online strategy will take into account domain name recognition, which is a principle part of good management.

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