Domain Transfer

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are two types of domain transfer. One is transferring your domain name from one web host to another. The other is moving your domain from one registrar to another. If you switch hosting providers and need to transfer your domain, it is a simple process. You simply have to update your name server to point to your new web host. You do this through your registrar, the company from which you bought your domain.

The other type of domain transfer is moving it from one registrar to another. Again, this is a quick and easy process. You probably will not receive a refund for the rest of your lease with the original registrar. However, some will give you credit for the remainder, when you move your domain to them.

Fraudulent Domain Transfer

Be aware that there are fraudulent domain transfers every day. Spammers hijack domains all the time, and they do it easily. If you ever get an email that asks for your information for transferring a domain, be careful. It might be from someone who is trying to steal your domain.

If you ever make changes, verify them to be sure they are accurate. That way, the registrar can keep in touch with you. Your transfer will take about 24 hours and may take up to 72 hours. And of course, don't let your domain name expire. Many companies offer automatic renewal when your lease expires. If you keep renewing it, there is little chance that somebody can steal it.

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