Ecommerce Hosting

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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A "web host" is a bit like a landlord for one's web address. Web hosts lease server space to individuals and companies who don't have, or don't wish to operate, their own servers. Charges for web hosting are dependent on how much space is required, and how many additional services are utilized.

Web Host Services: A Sampling

Services provided by web hosts can include credit card processing, email services, and perhaps most critical of all, operational monitoring, ensuring that your website is up and running 24 hours a day. Relatedly, good web hosts provide solid system availability during peak traffic times, and have options for growth when your business demands them. Web hosts also provide experienced and helpful technical support, some 24 hours a day.

Some web hosts provide financial services, as well. Many offer default shopping carts, process credit card payments, and, of course, provide secure servers. Secure servers are mandatory, since without them, no thinking consumer will enter credit card or other personal information.

There are no end of e-commerce web hosts from which to choose. As with any other service, a variety of issues should be factored into your decision about which web host is the best match for your company. People do matter, so make sure that the Web host you choose to partner with has a reputation for ethical business practices, and have a proven track record for reliability and stability.

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