Ecommerce Postnuke Module

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Generally speaking, a software "module" is a separate, self-contained, software program designed to work with a pre-existing interface. Software modules enhance in-place software systems. To make a real-world analogy, consider a stereo system made of separate components. The independent cd player, and turntable would be the "modules," whereas the receiver (with controls for "cd", "turntable", "aux 1", etc.) would be the "interface."

PostNuke is an open-source (os) content management system. PostNuke is an offshoot (cyber speak: "fork") of PHP-Nuke, another open-source e-commerce, content management system. However, many PHP-Nuke developers found shortcomings in this original system. In the pioneer spirit of the open-source community, these developers made essential changes to PHP-Nuke until it evolved into what is now called PostNuke. Post-Nuke is now a completely separate project from PHP-Nuke.

A PostNuke module, then, is a self-contained software program, designed to perform specific functions, which enhances a broader software system. In an e-commerce framework, PostNuke manages content, providing a comprehensive range of features. Post-Nuke is very popular for building web-logs, corporate portals, intranets, and commercial websites.

Post-Nuke E-Commerce Modules

Enthusiasts claim that Post-Nuke powered websites have an appearance, usability, and variety of features comparable to websites which cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Post-Nuke systems, however, are available at a fraction of that cost. E-commerce specific Post-Nuke modules include storefront web design and payment systems.

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