Ecommerce Solutions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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On the vast Worldwide Web, there are hundreds of thousands of online stores and other e-commerce websites. To support these sites, there are nearly equal numbers of professional agencies which specialize in e-commerce solutions. There are also thousands of communities of enthusiasts who work on e-commerce solutions as a hobby--with results in many cases equal--or superior--to professional agencies. Rather than being overwhelmed by all these options, businesses looking for e-commerce solutions should breathe easy, knowing there are multiple avenues for problem identification and solution.

Solving the Problem: To Build or To Outsource

Identifying the right e-commerce solution requires thought, research, and planning. Every business is different and some will require e-commerce solutions more complex than others. For some, solutions can be built via packaged software options. Others may opt to outsource the solution, by turning to professional web-design and consulting services. Still others may choose to combine these two options.

Building a fully-featured e-commerce site can be simple, even for beginners--if one is using a web-based tool or software package which guides users through a step-by-step process. These do-it-yourself packages are generally considered easy to use and are relatively affordable, as e-commerce solutions go. Or, one may choose to outsource the entire e-commerce solution. This requires a bigger budget--but the problem is at least now in the hands of professionals, who are fully capable of meeting your specified needs.

For those that need, or want, something in-between, there is the combination approach. This e-commerce solution utilizes off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box solutions--with a consulting service hired to handle specific site aspects. For example, one might hire a web-design team to create a desired look and "feel," yet still utilize prepackaged software for content management, administrative tools, shopping carts, etcetera. This combination approach allows e-commerce businesses to have both affordable software solutions, and unique, customized functions.

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