Ecommerce Website Designers

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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Website designers are responsible for creating the look and overall usability of a website. They implement a business owner's ideas, and create an attractive layout which reflects the e-business's identity, and implement (hopefully) a user-friendly structure. The can help users find your site, stay at your site, and return to your site. Good website design has a direct impact on the success of your e-business.

The Seven Cs of Website Design

However, the Website designer does not operate in a vacuum. He or she must take into account your desires as to how your web page looks and functions. After all, you are the client. Make sure that your website designer of choice incorporates what's known as the seven Cs of website design. These are Context, Content, Community, Customization, Communication, Connection and Commerce. For e-commerce sites, the most important of the "seven Cs" are Context, Content, and Commerce.

Context is the "how" of a website, and relates to the overall aesthetic appeal--whether it's hip, edgy, conservative, traditional, emotional, etcetera. This is accomplished through visuals like color and graphics, and more ephemeral qualities like humor. Content, on the other hand, is the "what" of the website, and includes the text and the visuals. Experts agree that quality content can have the greatest impact on the length of time a user spends at a site, and how likely they are to return.

And of course, commerce, which, ostensibly, could be called the "why" of a website. The commerce aspect of website design relates to the ease with which products and services can be searched, selected, purchased, and shipped. All the cool graphics in the world won't help a user forgive lousy organization, weak search capabilities, an insecure payment module, and difficult navigation. One hires a web designer to take advantage of their experience and knowledge. Make sure that your web designers create a site with as much substance as style, and as much function as form.

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