Explorer Context Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Context menus can be viewed by placing the mouse on an object that appears in a website or software application and then right-clicking on it. This object could be an icon, folder, or even a title bar. The options that appear on the resulting context menu are usually pertinent to the particular object that was selected.

Most internet browsers come equipped with a default set of context menus and Microsoft Internet Explorer is certainly no exception to this rule. However in many instances users are not pleased with the options that are displayed on the menu. When this occurs they generally start looking for ways to modify the Explorer context menus.

Risky Business

Although the task of updating the Internet Explorer context menus is a rather straightforward one it can be quite tedious to accomplish. This is because adding additional options to an existing context menu requires making updates to the system registry. While an effective method for extending the context menu, editing the registry is risky business as it could cause serious damage to the operating system.

Perhaps a safer technique for modifying the Internet Explorer context menus is purchasing programs that were specifically designed to augment the menus. Some of these utilities can even be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. In addition to adding items to the context menu, a lot of these products also allow you to totally remove existing items.

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