Finding An Online Web Page Builder

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fortunately, the Internet offers easy ways of finding an online web page builder. Go into your favorite search engine, and type in "web page builder." Other variations may work equally well, such as, "online website builder."

Print the complete web sites of those web site makers you like. When you have come up with several promising web site creators, you can start to look closely at pricing, features, and extras such as, support and trial periods.

Compare Web Site Makers

Now that you've found several reasonable programs, how do you select the right one for you? If you are a computer novice, which most of us are, the most important thing you want is a program that is user-friendly. Does it guide you smoothly through the various steps in building your own site?

After finding an online web page builder that is easy to use, consider the total cost. What are the monthly or yearly charges? Will someone else's advertising appear on your site? Can you add pages later on? Is help available through technical support? Is there a free trial period so you can check it out at home? Make a careful comparison of these important features.

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