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Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are designing your website for the first time, and on a low budget, you're probably on the lookout for free website content. These can include visitor stats, design templates, flash animation clips, and guestbooks. They can enhance any site, and the designer does not need to know an excessive amount of computer and HTML programming.

You may want to find some free tools to compile important data information regarding your website. You can plug in a free webcounter, find out how many people hit your site each day, and compare this data to the customer orders you receive per day. It only takes a simple knowledge of HTML, and you may just have to put a small banner ad at the bottom of the page to use the service.

When Free Website Content Goes Bad!

When looking for free website content functional tools for your company's website, always keep in mind that the items you choose reflect upon the professionalism and maturity of the site itself. Never choose any content tools that have loud graphics, attached advertisements, or messy interfaces if you don't want these unprofessional tools to mar the look of your site. It may frustrate or actually repel customers away from your site and towards competitors!

Instead, balance your budget with your desire to create an attractive website for your company. Even small business websites deserve to look clean and professional, without too much clutter from outside advertisements and sources. Customers will be attracted by the design elements within the site, and appreciate your service or products in a friendlier, trusting fashion!

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