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Written by Sierra Rein
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Whether you want to create a website about yourself, a topic of interest, or a business, there is a high possibility you have thought about contacting a free website host. A host is a company or business which owns a computer server which is constantly connected to the Internet. When the company allows you to use server space for your website without a monthly "rental" cost, this is considered free website hosting.

While free hosting can be an attractive option, understand that it often comes with some sort of price. This price can include the mandatory inclusion of a banner ad of some sort of company affiliated with the hosting company, or that of a popup ad that appears every time the site is accessed. If this is acceptable to your website, these are small sacrifices to make; however, for a professional site, these options can be difficult to reconcile with.

Take the Guesswork out of Designing, and Find a Free Website Host Demo!

However, there is a merit to contacting a free website host. For a fledgeling business or personal website, it can be a good idea to create a demo version of the site, and get it up on the Internet with testing and in mind. Customers can give instant feedback regarding the effectiveness of the site, and it can be adjusted over a short period amount of time to make it the best site possible, without spending any money!

Once the demo period is over, the site can be stored and maintained by a professional hosting company. With your site already completed and finalized, you know you'll be spending your money wisely. To contact a company which can provide both free demo and paid website hosting, please visit our recommended website company.

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