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Free Website Submission

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are looking to kickstart your website into a new marketing level, you may want to start by finding a good free website submission plan to follow. This can be a great move for new businesses, or businesses who are just now starting to create an Internet representation. With a few simple submission ideas, the Internet can become abuzz with your business name!

The most common free website submission tactic is to manually submit the business URL and comments to each search engine. It can save money, but it may be a bit time-consuming, as there are more than 140 search engines out there to submit to. Many companies, however, offer free submission services for the larger 20 top engines.

When Free Website Submissions Aren't Enough

The submission process is perhaps the most important step of any online marketing campaign. The customers that come to a search engine site always have very specific products or services to look for, and almost 85 to 90% of web site traffic is because a search engine was utilized. If a company misses this step, they could also miss out on an incredible wealth of customer contacts, sales, and business profits.

If you are looking for a good submission company to help your site become affiliated with search engines, one good idea is to find a website design company that provides more than one marketing service in one package. We have our recommended web site linked to the right. They will be able to help you design, market, promote, and submit your site to the most efficient search engines available!

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