Icon Sizes

Written by Kimberly Clark
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An icon is a graphic image that is commonly used on various website menus. When a person visiting the website clicks on the icon, it performs a particular function. The icons also make great navigational tools as they can be configured to take the visitor to another page on the website.

Screen Resolution

When creating an icon for a website it is important that it is designed for the proper screen resolution. The screen resolution refers to the number of dots per inch or pixels that are displayed on the screen. For instance, a screen resolution of 640x480 pixels is equivalent to 640 dots per 480 lines.

This roughly translates into a total of about 300,000 pixels. Of course, this measurement will vary depending on the actual size of the computer monitor that the visitor to the site has. With this in mind, it becomes rather important for website designers to create icon images in different sizes so that they will be displayed correctly on a variety of screen sizes.

Icon Resizing Tools

For most websites, the standard icon size for menus and toolbars is 32x32 pixels. However, there are several development tools that can help designers with the task of generating different icon sizes. These products take icons in their default size and generate other icon images by resizing them to work with other screen resolutions.

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