Written by Josh Dodes
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IDX (Internet Data Exchange), which allows individuals to offer MLS listings directly on their own sites, has opened up a world of possibilities for savvy brokers. For the first time, in recent years, brokers have been able to offer thousands of good properties online with minimal effort. Most brokers, however, have barely scratched the surface of the potential this creates.

Fortunately, thanks to a handful of innovative web designers, you can now have an affordable online presence that fully realizes the promise of the latest technology. The experience that these designers allow you to provide for your prospects is simply unmatched. All the best listings, limitless photographs, and good-looking, too -- who could ask for anything more in real estate web design?

IDX Is Only the Beginning

The best new web developers make it more affordable for you to integrate IDX into a total online package than ever before. They understand that brokers and agents have a wide range of budgets with which to build a web presence. Consequently, they offer several layers of design service -- from free, attractive templates up to more sophisticated, yet still affordable, custom web designs.

In an increasingly Internet-intensive age, great real estate websites have become an essential part of every agent's business arsenal. With the right tools in hand, you can establish an effective online presence that helps brand you as your community's foremost expert. But the real estate business moves quickly, and every day that you're not taking steps forward is a day that you might well be falling behind.

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