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Written by Josh Dodes
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In recent years, IDX solutions have changed the online face of real estate. By allowing you to list hundreds or even thousands of beautiful MLS listings on your site, under your own name, IDX can literally transform your business overnight. And for the first time, leveraging the power of systems such as IDX and VOW is both simple and affordable.

That's because the best real estate web design firms in the business have recently made it their business to create template-based solutions that can work for your business, no matter your size or budget. The key to this new approach is flexibility. By working from templates that incorporate IDX solutions, and allowing you to grow and customize your online presence from there, anyone can now enjoy the benefits of being the community's expert.

IDX Solutions for a Restless Public

In an age dominated more and more by the power and promise of the Internet, the simple fact is that a real estate site has less than ten seconds to convince the average customer to keep looking before she moves on. That means you need to impress your potential customer with a potent and immediate combination of attractive design and a wealth of well-organized information. Few solutions accomplish this more impressively than IDX.

So whether you're looking for an online presence that accommodates one broker or a dozen, the top designers in the field have come up with a solution that can work for you. With an online presence that seamlessly combines brains and beauty so close at hand, there's simply no reason to wait. After all, as savvy brokers know, a truly effective online presence can pay for itself several times over.

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