Increase Web Traffic

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are just as many ways to increase web traffic to your site as there ways to bolster your brand offline. Bricks-and-mortar businesses routinely hire consulting companies to help them refine their images, appeal to new demographics, and boost sales, so why shouldn't web-based companies do the same? Internet companies and even old-economy brands with online presences enlist ad agencies, strategists, and optimizers with one goal in mind: to increase web traffic.

By some estimates, there are several billion discrete websites on the Internet, so where is a lone company or individual supposed to start? Well, one way to get the most out of your marketing buck is to come in already knowing a thing or two about your customers. Where do they live? How old are they? What other stores do they shop at? How much do they spend? Armed with this info, it's markedly easier to increase web traffic to your site since you'll know where to look.

Ways To Increase Web Traffic

One of the proven ways to increase web traffic is to advertise on a high-volume site. But placing a banner or button on a page belonging to Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, or Nike can cost a pretty penny. Another option is to embark on a campaign or grassroots-style promotional blitz. This involves less expensive but more innovative advertising ideas that can be deployed regionally, thereby saving you thousands of dollars in national spots.

If you're still struggling for ideas, there is no dearth of online marketing companies whose core competency is generating ad concepts. You might consider shopping around for different web site design services to see what's available for your budget. There are literally thousands of smart and enterprising marketers out there who can help you bulk up your traffic, so be sure to field the competition in order to find the best price.

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