Interactive Web Site Builders

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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The term "interactive web site builder" is your clue that the builder you are considering has advanced features. Don't worry! The best web site creators lead you step-by-easy-step through the basics of how to build a web site. Once those basics are taken care of in just a matter of minutes, you can decide if your business would benefit from interactive features.

Interactive simply means that the visitors to your site can participate in some way in your site. Usually, a visitor will read the information on a web page, and move on to the next page. Interactive features allow the visitor to do much more. Interactive web site builders make your site much more interesting.

Interactive Web Site Builders Are Fun

You might want feedback from your site visitors. Make polls and surveys available. You may want to set up a shopping cart so visitors can order your products online. Two good features for businesses are the visitor auto-responders, so you can get requested information to a potential customer right away, and visitor feedback forms so you can collect opinions from your visitors.

On a lighter note, how about games, puzzles, riddles, possibly business-related in subject? All these interactive web site builders keep potential customers interested in your site. Naturally, the longer they visit, the more likely they will be to ask for further information or buy your products.

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