Java Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Java is an object oriented programming language that is similar to C++. Java is a multipurpose programming language that has become very popular among website and software application developers. The primarily reason for this preference is that Java can be used for programming applets, which are small programs that a user can interact with in a web browser.

In addition to being fast loading, Java applets are highly configurable. This makes them ideal for developing navigational bars for website. Java applets are also great for creating drop-down menus, cross-browser menus, and buttons for your websites.

Adjustable and Interactive

Java menu applets can be customized to suit the preferences of the designer. Just about everything can be modified to fit the designer's personal taste. This includes the color, fonts, and icons used on the menus as well as where the menu actually appears on the website.

Another thing website designers really like about Java menus is they can be designed to be interactive. Basically this means that it allows the designer to add sound and animation to the site. For a truly exceptional looking website with all the bells and whistles, the designer should really consider using Java menus.

The Internet is full of free Java menu applets that website designers can download for use with their sites. There are also several software vendors who sale products that will assist the designer in building Java menu. These products are typically easy to use and appropriate for both expert and beginning designers.

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