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The rapid growth of the Internet and online culture has made the Web a useful tool for many everyday activities. One of the more popular uses of the Internet is in the search for employment. The growth of large online employment databases has made finding a job quite different from the days when you combed your local newspaper.

While online marketplaces have enabled the average person to find jobs that they would never have found before, there are drawbacks. Just as you can find a job anywhere in the world for any position that you may be interested in, so can someone else. Most companies, after listing an available position online, are inundated with resumes. To stand apart from the crowd, you have to have the ideal set of skills and be desirable in other ways. Otherwise your resume will never be noticed.

When applying for a position online, you will find that there is not much room for creativity. The online method of submitting resumes and cover letters does not allow for individuality. To receive a job offer from an online site requires a different sort of effort than applying for a position listed in your local newspaper.

Getting the Job

The first step in getting hired is finding the right job. Honestly assess your qualifications and have a realistic idea of what type of job you are looking for. When you are ready to begin your search, hit all the online job search sites that you know of. Include the major general job sites, as well as the smaller, industry specific sites.

If you have a few favorite companies or places that you would like to work, be sure to visit their websites as well. Most companies have an employment page, with a listing of available jobs and information on how to apply, or even an online form to use. These sites generally do not receive the amount of traffic that even the smaller job search sites do, so you stand a better chance of standing out from the crowd by using this method.

This first step in the job process can seem very tedious, as you have to sift through thousands of jobs to find the right ones to apply for, but you really need to take the time to do this. If you set your sights too broad and apply to any job you are remotely qualified for, you will not be able to give each application the attention it needs to stand out. The fact is you cannot expect to cut and paste a cover letter and resume into 100 different application e-mails and see results.

The Application Process

After you have culled the job listings to a manageable number, it is time to start the application process. Follow the directions of the job search site exactly. If you are only asked to submit a resume, no cover letter, then make sure your resume has an introductory statement. If they ask for samples, be sure to send them, in the required format. With the volume of applicants these companies receive, they will not follow up with someone who did not follow basic directions.

As you submit your cover letters and resumes, keep track of where you are applying and which job search site you found the job listing through. This will come in handy in your job search as you follow up on leads and determine which search sites best suit your needs.

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