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Laguna Niguel

Written by Sierra Rein
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Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, CA, the lovely city of Laguna Niguel has been the location of many a proud resident and business owner. It maintains a spectacular environment to reside in which is close to the beautiful ocean breeze and amazing open outdoor wildlife sanctuaries, as well as a large professional community. For the young and old, the city offers anything they need.

The city's name was derived from two Spanish words, the first meaning "lagoon" and the second after the original Indian village once located near the Aliso Creek. The name was established due to the incorporation of the Laguna Niguel Corporation, which created a master planned community in 1959. 7,100 acres of land were developed, and by 1961 land sales began in the subdivisions of Monarch Bay and Laguna Terrace.

The Lovely Economic Climate of Laguna Niguel

About eight percent of the total land of the city is used for commercial and industrial businesses. These include many car dealerships, restaurants, and travel agencies. It is a vital part of the economic environment of Orange County as a whole.

Like Irvine and other cities in OC, Laguna Niguel offers IT and Internet technology services to the greater Southern California area. Many companies provide excellent service to both local residents and businesses within and without the city. If you would like to contact such a business that services within the Laguna area, please contact our recommended site.

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